Are You Still Hesitant To Choose Which Yuba Is Used As Bathroom Furniture?

Are You Still Hesitant To Choose Which Yuba Is Used As Bathroom Furniture?

In the cold winter, people like to take a bath in the bathroom. There are two kinds of Yuba on the market as bathroom furniture. One is Yuba Feng Shui, the other is warm, which one is better? What is the difference between them? Here we will introduce in detail: Yuba wind warm or good light and the difference between Yuba wind warmer and lamp warmer? How to buy Yuba? I hope I can help you.

Are You Still Hesitant To Choose Which Yuba Is Used As Bathroom Furniture?

First, the lamp warm type of Yuba stylish bathroom furniture.

1 Introduction. It is heated by the heat radiation of the bulb, has the characteristics of fast heating and low power consumption, so it is very economical when used. However, its bulb radiation area is small, the temperature is not uniform, it will cause the place near the bath to be very hot, and the far place is very cold, so it is only suitable for small-area toilets.

2, advantages and disadvantages. Its advantages are faster heating, lower power and more power saving. The disadvantage is that the temperature is not uniform and the heating range is small.

3, compare. From the point of view of its characteristics, it is more suitable for the bathroom with small area and high floor, and it must be installed in the central position of the top of the bathroom during installation, which can make the temperature more uniform. If the bathroom area is large or the floor height is low, it is best not to choose the lamp warm bath to avoid the heating effect is not obvious. In addition, friends with children at home should not use the lamp warm bath to avoid the glare affecting the baby’s vision development.

Second, the Yuba style of the Yuba bathroom furniture

1.Introduction It is to heat the cold air through the components, so that the warm air is blown to raise the indoor temperature, so the heating effect is relatively balanced, and the indoors are warm. In addition, it can also blow the cool breeze and can be used on hot days. However, it heats up slowly, the power is relatively large, and it consumes more electricity than the lamp.

2. advantages and disadvantages. Its advantage is that the heating is balanced, the temperature and temperature, the disadvantage is that the temperature rises slowly, the electricity is much more, and the skin will dry out after blowing for a long time. From the perspective of heating effect and use, the wind warmer is better than the light, and there is no requirement for the height and area of ​​the space, so it is very popular and liked by everyone. However, when installing, try to avoid the bathtub, so as not to cause the body to feel uncomfortable when the wind blows directly in the bath. In addition, in order to save electricity, the hot water and the air heater should be turned on at the same time before the bath to speed up the temperature increase. After the temperature is suitable, the bath can be turned off to save electricity.

Are You Still Hesitant To Choose Which Yuba Is Used As Bathroom Furniture?

Are you still hesitant to choose which Yuba is used as bathroom furniture? Relevant knowledge will be introduced here. After reading the above article, you should be familiar with Yuba wind warmer and lamp warming. In fact, they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing, you should decide according to your own needs.

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