Victorian style stylish bathroom furniture! look here!

Simply put, the Victorian style is an art. Have you seen a Victorian style bathroom? What are the characteristics of the unique bathroom design? Victorian style is an art restoration style formed in the 19th century, so it has great significance. So, let’s take a look at the Victorian-style bathroom introduction!

Victorian style stylish bathroom furniture! look here!

Victorian bathroom floor. Victorian tiles are geometrically designed with beautiful patterns, so the floor is also an amazing feature. In the picture, the white walls and bathroom form a blank background, highlighting the black and white checkered floor tiles. Such a striking monochrome design does not require adding too many other elements.

Victorian style stylish bathroom wall. In this beautiful Victorian bathroom, soft blue walls, dark long curtains, wooden floors and artwork are more like a bedroom than a bathroom. Decorative elements give this space a warm feeling, reminiscent of Victorian bedrooms.

Victorian style stylish bathroom furniture – radiator.21st century plumbing design with Victorian design, a beautifully simple mirror with radiator and towel rails, wood-coloured bathroom cabinets and floor tiles, and the entire room feels extremely comfortable.

Victorian style stylish bathroom furniture – vintage-style mirror. in front of the Victorian-style vanity. The Victorian-style vanity in the picture is double. Although the design is gorgeous, it is simple and does not overwhelm the space. The slim frame is also elegant.

Victorian style stylish bathroom furniture – bathtub .Victorian style bathtub is also retro style, the appearance is simple but exquisite, especially the pattern details of the bathtub feet, revealing the artistic sense, in addition to the dark gray color in the picture, there are different colors Optional.

Victorian style stylish bathroom furniture! look here!

These are Victorian stylish bathroom furniture, do you like Victorian style bathrooms? This art deco style is still worth learning. If you want to know more about the bathroom, please stay tuned to us!

Choosing Custom Bathroom Furniture Is A Personal Aesthetic Awakening

If you mention the important part of home decoration, some friends will say the floor, some friends will say smallpox, there are friends will say the wall, but also say furniture. In fact, the most easily overlooked in the furniture is the bathroom furniture, especially the bathroom cabinet. Bathroom cabinet is the bathroom space inside the heavyweight role, large volume on the overall decoration of the deep impact, the price is not expensive, the cost requirements are not low.

Choosing Custom Bathroom Furniture Is A Personal Aesthetic Awakening

Because this period we learn about the type of bathroom cabinet according to the decoration idea.

1 build it yourself. Building your own bathroom cabinet is determined by the traditional idea of not making a difference between middlemen. Although the current market manufacturers design and production of bathroom cabinets, whether aesthetic or craft has not been self-built can be compared, but there are still some users of their love. Especially to make brick cabinets.The advantage of brick cabinet body is that absolute water resistance is the best, if the bathroom is relatively small, and bathroom cabinet is closer to the shower, you can choose the practice of brick cabinet body.

2. Finished cabinet. The finished bathroom cabinet is determined by the traditional idea of furniture at the end of the home. Buy finished products must pay attention to: the general size and the scene does not match, with the basin, hardware, tap basic may also need to re-select their own, the appearance of more cured.

Suitable for bathroom space users, tips, do bathroom cabinets when there are many ware size needs to be determined, so early to determine the ware model is also very necessary.Custom bathroom cabinet .Custom bathroom cabinets, marking the user has jumped out of the traditional decoration ideas, began to pay attention to the pursuit of personal aesthetics.

Custom bathroom cabinets, as the name suggests, are fully customized bathroom cabinets that combine space layout, cost, user habits and aesthetic style.

Choosing Custom Bathroom Furniture Is A Personal Aesthetic Awakening

These are the different bathroom cabinet concepts we need to know about the unique bathroom design we share today, and I hope you can choose the bathroom furniture you want now!

You Should Know How To Maintain Stylish Bathroom Furniture!

Home care is a headache. When you’re doing hygiene, there are always some “stubborn” stains that can be a headache. Today, I specially prepared a small trick for the cleaning and maintenance of bathroom furniture. After learning to clean and clean the bathroom, it is a small problem, helping you to remove the stubborn stains.

You Should Know How To Maintain Stylish Bathroom Furniture!

1.Bathroom cabinet.

1.Keep the bathroom air circulation, the air is humid: the wooden bathroom cabinet has relatively strict requirements on the environment inside the bathroom. The ordinary wooden bathroom cabinet is afraid of water, and it is easy to deform and rot over a long period of time, produced by Gao Di and Andemaso. The bathroom cabinets are made of solid wood and are painted with multiple waterproof paints. The cabinets are extremely waterproof.
 2. When cleaning solid wood bathroom cabinets, it is best to use neutral reagents for the cleaning agent of the cabinet. For example, rubbing with toothpaste and wiping with soft cloth is also a simple maintenance method, and it can also be sprayed on the cabinet.
 3. Avoid removing stains with alcohol, benzine or other chemical solvents. If the surface of the bathroom cabinet is stained, do not rub it hard. Use warm tea to remove the stain gently. After the water is evaporated, apply a little light wax to the original part, then gently wipe it several times to form a protective film.


  1. Bleaching powder solution descaling method: first wipe with a bleaching powder solution, then rinse with water after a while.
  2. Sandpaper descaling method: Use the finest sandpaper to rub the dirt of ceramic products, and remove the dirt that can not be removed by the cleaning agent.
  3. Vinegar descaling method: Pour the mixture of vinegar and water into a ceramic wash basin, bathtub or toilet. After soaking for half a day, the scale will be brushed off.
  4. Baking soda descaling: Sprinkle baking soda in ceramics, then brew with hot water for half an hour, the dirt can be brushed off.
  5. Homemade brush to wash ceramic products: ceramic products produce dark dirt, it is difficult to clean with a brush, can be used to tie the waste nylon socks to the end of the stick, brushing with foaming detergent, clear once a month, you can Keep the ceramics white.
You Should Know How To Maintain Stylish Bathroom Furniture!

Life small common sense from a small place to start but bring unexpected convenience, I hope today’s content will help you, so that your bathroom furniture with a unique bathroom design.

Choose The Most Stylish Bathroom Furniture To Create A Unique Bathroom Design

With the continuous improvement of modern people’s quality of life requirements, as the most intimate part of the family room space, the bathroom and the link between people is also the most direct. How do I pick and choose bathroom furniture? What are the precautions for installing bathroom cabinets?How can you make your home warmer and more comfortable?

Choose The Most Stylish Bathroom Furniture To Create A Unique Bathroom Design

At present, some businesses almost all put the quality certification book in the most prominent position in the shop hall, a closer look but found that the certification body is diverse.

But the National Institute of Health Ceramics says consumers should polish their eyes when choosing bathroom furniture to avoid being misled. Some merchants boast that their bathroom ware all use imported glaze, glaze layer than the number of domestic goods thick, so the glaze of the ware smooth, easy to rinse, and glaze layer thickness can ensure sterile, long-term use can protect good health.

In fact, how many layers of glaze is not important, as long as the surface of the product finish up to national standards can be. In many bathroom stores, some surface syllables, the price can be a few hundred yuan difference. Some shopkeepers explained that he sells high-temperature pottery, absolute high temperature sterile, the price is naturally more expensive. And cheap is low-temperature pottery, quality is not guaranteed. In fact, high-temperature pottery, low-temperature pottery, purely commercial speculation, and ware quality has nothing to do with. These high and low temperatures are only burned to the temperature, when the temperature is below 1300 degrees Celsius is more conducive to energy saving.

Low temperature also does not mean that the quality is not good, as long as the finished product in line with national standards line. Bathrooms are ware, tiles, mosaics these cold guys, this winter may wish to add a little warm and comfortable soft decoration, bath gloves, toilet mats, toilet covers, shower curtains, bath towels to improve your living temperature!

Choose The Most Stylish Bathroom Furniture To Create A Unique Bathroom Design

These are the bathroom furniture i shared with you, I hope you can choose the most stylish bathroom furniture to create the most unique bathroom design.