You Should Know How To Maintain Stylish Bathroom Furniture!

You Should Know How To Maintain Stylish Bathroom Furniture!

Home care is a headache. When you’re doing hygiene, there are always some “stubborn” stains that can be a headache. Today, I specially prepared a small trick for the cleaning and maintenance of bathroom furniture. After learning to clean and clean the bathroom, it is a small problem, helping you to remove the stubborn stains.

You Should Know How To Maintain Stylish Bathroom Furniture!

1.Bathroom cabinet.

1.Keep the bathroom air circulation, the air is humid: the wooden bathroom cabinet has relatively strict requirements on the environment inside the bathroom. The ordinary wooden bathroom cabinet is afraid of water, and it is easy to deform and rot over a long period of time, produced by Gao Di and Andemaso. The bathroom cabinets are made of solid wood and are painted with multiple waterproof paints. The cabinets are extremely waterproof.
 2. When cleaning solid wood bathroom cabinets, it is best to use neutral reagents for the cleaning agent of the cabinet. For example, rubbing with toothpaste and wiping with soft cloth is also a simple maintenance method, and it can also be sprayed on the cabinet.
 3. Avoid removing stains with alcohol, benzine or other chemical solvents. If the surface of the bathroom cabinet is stained, do not rub it hard. Use warm tea to remove the stain gently. After the water is evaporated, apply a little light wax to the original part, then gently wipe it several times to form a protective film.


  1. Bleaching powder solution descaling method: first wipe with a bleaching powder solution, then rinse with water after a while.
  2. Sandpaper descaling method: Use the finest sandpaper to rub the dirt of ceramic products, and remove the dirt that can not be removed by the cleaning agent.
  3. Vinegar descaling method: Pour the mixture of vinegar and water into a ceramic wash basin, bathtub or toilet. After soaking for half a day, the scale will be brushed off.
  4. Baking soda descaling: Sprinkle baking soda in ceramics, then brew with hot water for half an hour, the dirt can be brushed off.
  5. Homemade brush to wash ceramic products: ceramic products produce dark dirt, it is difficult to clean with a brush, can be used to tie the waste nylon socks to the end of the stick, brushing with foaming detergent, clear once a month, you can Keep the ceramics white.
You Should Know How To Maintain Stylish Bathroom Furniture!

Life small common sense from a small place to start but bring unexpected convenience, I hope today’s content will help you, so that your bathroom furniture with a unique bathroom design.

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